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As promised, I wanted to keep you up to date on our progress. We spent the last week speaking to key players in and around the trivia space and we are hearing similar themes being reinforced:

  1. It’s painful to have to use so many tools / solutions to create a compelling experience (especially for users).

  2. Breakout rooms on Zoom simply do not work the way you’d want. Twtich, YouTube, and Facebookhave some advantages but it’s not ideal for answer submission.

  3. The tools that are being built specifically for the trivia community are too expensive or too complicated.

  4. The right solution doesn’t yet exist but people are making do.

With all that in mind, we are focused on delivering an all-in-one solution that will enable players to communicate with their team (while hearing the host), see questions / submit answers, and chat in one environment. We think this will be a big improvement over the current multi-tab, multi-app experience. We are hopeful that we can begin testing the experience this Summer and continue iterating from there. Until then, I plan to share updates and early designs.

This week we are onboarding 5 engineers to help accelerate our progress as we’ve recently redesigned the experience to better accommodate chat functionality and a variety of Q & A systems. We have also been hard at work on the brand and wanted something that captured the magic, nostalgia, joy, and excitement of a night out with friends. We landed on Luna Park as we were inspired by the fun of an amusement park. Here’s a first look at our logo:

If any other contacts in the trivia space come to mind (loyal players or hosts), please share their contact so we can keep getting smarter. If you have any questions / feedback please don’t hesitate to follow up. I’ll be sending one of these each week. Thanks and speak soon.



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