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Welcome to new friends and hi to old ones. We’re continuing the major overhaul of the platform I mentioned in our last note so feature releases will be light for the coming weeks. However, (with your help) we conducted a survey of >60 trivia hosts and I have a bunch of interesting findings to share based on what we’re hearing.

In short, a lot of you noted there has been a bit of a vaccine-related / seasonal dip but there is strong belief that virtual events are here to stay. Many of you are building your brands, toolkits, and enhancing your content to meet the evolving needs of your audience. Well, we’re here to help.


  • In the last note (on 4/3) I was humblebragging that our Instagram account had 420 followers and now we have 650! Please follow us if you haven’t already.

  • We have now trained over 50 hosts and are continuing to improve our processes based on your feedback so that we can train more of you and do it more effectively

  • We had our first celebrity on the platform this week as Kevin Cerrito hosted a game that featured Zach Randolph (ZBo) for Memphis Grizzlies season ticket holders!

📞 Lowlights

  • Turning our attention to v2 of Luna Park means we aren’t releasing features on v1; we know it will payoff long-term but it’s a tough tradeoff right now

  • People are less apt to stay inside during the summer, which is expected, but less fun when you’re operating a virtual events platform 😐

💡 Product Updates

As I mentioned a few times in this note we are heads down on v2. With that in mind, I’m going to use this selection to highlight a few takeaways from our April survey. Again, we asked >60 trivia hosts to share various thoughts on the current state of the union and here is what we heard:

  • 89% of you are actively hosting virtual trivia; for the vast majority it’s a mix of public and corporate games

  • 57% of you said you are seeing more or the same demand over the last few months

  • 43% that said less indicated it’s mostly from public games (not corporate)

  • Many of you indicated audience was your greatest challenge, however you also highlighted more money, higher production quality, different formats, and better answer submission options as key as well

  • Nearly all of you said you expect to be hosting virtual trivia in Q4 and you expect demand to persist, particularly from corporate games

  • Here is a quote: For corporate, they are seeing the savings in letting everyone work from home, but they need something to team build, and that is where I come in.

📆 Select Upcoming Events

  • 4/24/21 - 3 Corporate Events

  • 4/26/21 - 4 Public Games + Mindless Minutia DEBUT

  • 4/30/21 - 2 Public Games + Ultimate Office Trivia CONTINUES

  • 5/2/21 - 3 Public Games + Petty Officer Harley DEBUT

  • 5/4/21 - Trivia Goodness DEBUT

  • 5/8/21 - Jeff & Miranda Tournament CONTINUES

  • + So Much More...

Lots of cool stuff going on as hosts and events increase!

😍 Kudos

  • Ali and Jimmie for doing corporate gigs for friends of Luna Park

  • Jon (UOT) for being a committed, thoughtful partner

  • Ben (BQPQ) for taking a leap of faith

  • QMB and Garry for making the full-time switch

Thanks for reading! As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any thoughts, feedback, or concerns. Until then, we’ll be hard at work building Luna Park.

Arlen, Ben, Bo, Boen, Yusang, Kumo, Drew, and Hugh

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