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Welcome to all the new folks who will be receiving a Luna Park update for the first time. If you’re curious about previous messages, we are going to be creating an archive to share soon. For the rest of you, thanks for your support and insight thus far. We will continue to keep these updates coming twice a month.

What We Do

Running interactive games online is far harder than it should be. Hosts have to cobble together an array of tools to simulate experiences for their audiences that are far inferior to the real-world equivalent. We believe there is a better solution that needs to be built from the ground up. We’re creating an all-in-one tool where hosts can produce a branded, interactive game show allowing users to watch and play from self-formed parties.


  • Ran a successful internal test on the platform where Ben hosted a trivia session for the rest of the team. Note: Ben is not a very good trivia host...we are sure you will all do much better!

  • We’ve spoken to 50+ trivia hosts and are hearing a lot of similar concerns, which gives us confidence that we are on the right path.

  • We had outside testers use our platform for the first time this week. There are definitely many bugs to go squash but we’re making significant progress.

  • Began experimenting with ways to amplify and beautify the Google Forms / Sheet experience for the hosts that use those tools for answer submission.


  • As of today, we are officially back at our respective homes after 2 months in upstate NY. With that said, we are planning another sprint for 2 months, 6 weeks from now.

  • We set a goal to have an MVP (minimum viable product) candidate ready by the end of this week and we expect it to take a bit longer. The main cause was that we switched dev teams so we believe we are on the right track now.

Product Development

In our last update we introduced the idea of user parties (or teams), which you see on the left. All the way on the right hand side you will now see our embed pane. This is the area where you, as the host, can choose the appropriate answer submission solution. The examples below include Crowdpurr, Kahoot, and Google Forms. We will make other options available as well but decided to only highlight a few here. With this feature, users can now: see and hear their teams, see and hear the host continuously, and submit answers from one window pane. Finally, you will note our team member Yusang is using Snap cam to look like a whitewalker in the first example, which is also possible on our platform.


  • Arlen: Getting to know you

  • Ben: Our fearless leader

  • Bo: Keeping us all on track

  • Yusang: Bringing it to life

Help Wanted

  • We are talking more about single player games vs. team games. Can you share how important the ability to toggle between individual and team games is for you?

  • Do you have any ideas for improvement / feedback about your experience using Google Forms for answer submission? If so, please reach out to me directly.

  • Follow us on Instagram. We’re just getting this page started and could use some love from early supporters. We are also planning to promote your events through this account.

  • We are also always looking to talk to hosts or players that are passionate about trivia so please make an intro if you haven’t already.


  • Woody for the detail and clever ideas

  • Brandon Tomasello for the intros

  • Brian Cocca for the intros

  • Mark Doble & Ryan Coffey for the laughs and inspiration

Thanks! As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any thoughts, feedback, or concerns. Until then, we’ll be hard at work building Luna Park.

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