High Stakes Demo

The Luna Park team had an incredible couple of weeks and I’m eager to share that journey with you. Over the last few weeks we began testing the product daily with nearly ~100 users for a high stakes demo that we ran on Wednesday. The entire team rallied to support this effort including Yusang (who leads product) assuming hosting duties at the last minute. We were able to spotlight many of the features that make Luna Park unique, however we also discovered some bugs that need to be addressed.

Testing the product ourselves or “eating our own dog food” as it’s known helps us to much better understand the challenges each of you face when running these games online. Our goal is to make it way easier to run a TV quality gameshow from your home. With that in mind, the feeling of excitement is building as we are getting so close to being able to share our baby with some of you. If you’d like to be on the VIP list as we roll out please ensure your information lives here.

What We Do

Running interactive games online is far harder than it should be. Hosts have to cobble together an array of tools to simulate experiences for their audiences that are far inferior to the real-world equivalent. We believe there is a better solution that needs to be built from the ground up. We’re creating an all-in-one tool where hosts can produce a branded, interactive game show allowing users to watch and play from self-formed parties.


  • Boen, our designer, is officially up in Hudson and we’ve been working together for almost two weeks now.

  • We’ve been testing a new game format along with a new answer submission tool that could live inside of Luna Park in unique ways and we are pleased with early results.

  • We spent the last two weeks testing the product daily and bashing bugs nightly so that we could confidently run the Wednesday test and we made it.

  • Throughout the test we learned a lot more about what you need to simplify a high quality experience.


  • We had hoped that this week’s test would run relatively bug free and it became clear quickly that there are still a number of issues we need to address.

  • It’s not as easy as we’d like to play music on Luna Park and we are working diligently to resolve that situation.

  • We are making some hard tradeoffs around account creation so that we can ensure the platform is safe and risk free for you.

Product Development

When we set out on this journey we were fairly content to integrate Crowdpurr, Kahoot, and Google Forms as our answer solutions as it seemed like they met the needs most of you have. However, we’ve realized over time that there are still some gaps in the market and we began tinkering with a tool (built on top of Google Forms) that would aid you in: a) running question by question games (vs round based) with Google b) grading the answers rapidly c) showing a scoreboard periodically throughout the game. Please take a look at the video below to get a glimpse of an early version of this tool. If you’d like to learn more don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly.


  • Arlen: Getting to know you

  • Ben: Our fearless leader

  • Bo: Keeping us all on track

  • Yusang: Bringing it to life

  • Boen: Making LP beautiful

Help Wanted

  • If you would like to be on the alpha test list please follow the steps at this link. We will begin sending out invites soon.

  • If you haven’t followed us on Instagram yet what are you waiting for? Click here.


  • Paul for surviving and supporting us

  • Kaitlyn & Ana for some good ideas

  • Christo for volunteering

Thanks for reading! As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any thoughts, feedback, or concerns. Until then, we’ll be hard at work building Luna Park.

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