Chat Comes ALIVE!!!


It’s October! Wow, I can’t believe we are here. It’s great to see physical venues reopening and many of you heading back to play live games. We are also hearing how many of you are planning to keep running online games indefinitely (or exclusively) and that’s exciting for us. It’s starting to get colder and we expect a natural uptick in gameplay online so we’ll be there for you soon.

What We Do

Running interactive games online is far harder than it should be. Hosts have to cobble together an array of tools to simulate experiences for their audiences that are far inferior to the real-world equivalent. We believe there is a better solution that needs to be built from the ground up. We’re creating an all-in-one tool where hosts can produce a branded, interactive game show allowing users to watch and play from self-formed parties.


  • Onboarded our 5th team member Boen Jiang (lead designer) and he’s already hard at work collaborating with Bo on some aesthetic improvements to → coming soon

  • Officially exceeded 100 followers on Instagram → thanks for all of your support!

  • Ran an early experiment to determine if we could make hosted, asynchronous games feel like a fully live experience and we are feeling hopeful

  • Made some pretty significant stability improvements to the Luna Park product, which should yield a much better experience for larger games

  • We are heading to Hudson, NY next weekend to spend two months collaborating as a team → being in person should really help accelerate things


  • We are having to make hard tradeoffs on the product as we approach something that is launch ready. We are thinking of the end-of-month release as an mvp (minimum viable product)

  • Our tech team continues to move at a slower pace than hoped, which is related to the point above

  • We had to start from square one on the search for our 6th team member. With that said, things are going quite well at the moment

  • Submitted our Google Docs grading app and have met with some friction from Google → should be a slowdown not a roadblock

Product Development

When we initially started building Luna Park we thought we might be able to avoid the immediate need for chat given that we were aiming for a cameras on / microphones on experience. However, after many experiments, test games, and significant feedback from many of you it became clear that not having a chat solution was simply a dealbreaker. After understanding the importance of global chat as a means of breaking down barriers for everyone in a given experience we went back to the drawing board and developed a solution, which you can see on the left of the audience view and on the right of the host view.

There are a few features that we’ve added to our mvp (minimum viable product) for launch and this is one of them. In the audience view you will note that the player can swap between their team and the chat box. At the bottom you will see a view of other players in the event along with you. On the host view the chat is continuously available. Please don’t hesitate to share any thoughts on what you see below.


  • Arlen: Getting to know you

  • Ben: Our fearless leader

  • Bo: Keeping us all on track

  • Yusang: Bringing it to life

  • Boen: Making LP beautiful

Help Wanted

  • Please take this 2 MINUTE survey for us. I promise it’s 2 MINUTES or less : )


  • Noah for continuing to push us

  • Jason for helping Frank out

Thanks for reading! As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any thoughts, feedback, or concerns. Until then, we’ll be hard at work building Luna Park.

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