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As the Luna Park team and product evolve this newsletter needs to do the same. From the beginning, our goal was to keep you in the loop on our progress, which (fortunately) is accelerating. With that in mind, I want to shift the focus of these updates towards two things: product updates and spotlight a few upcoming events.

I mentioned previously that we’ve begun inviting Alpha testers to come onto the platform and host events. Having regular events has enabled us to get feedback from hosts and players alike. That feedback has been absolutely essential for us to evolve the product based on your needs. Since we last spoke, we introduced a bunch of features you can see and a bunch you can’t see (more below).


  • We have another engineer (frontend focused) starting next week!

  • Inviting more Alpha testers to host games on the platform and capturing feedback from them and their players

  • Over our last few events 84% of players, on average, have said that Luna Park is better than other ways they’ve played online trivia

  • The team is working on (safely) getting together in person to do a workshop on mapping progress for 2021

📞 Lowlights

  • We want to be able to open the platform up to everyone but are moving thoughtfully to ensure a great experience

  • There are some challenges that we are facing building this experience solely in the browser but we are confident that there are creative solutions to everything we face

💡 Product Updates

Our number one priority has been platform stabilization and improvement. Behind the scenes, we’ve optimized the video fps and bitrate significantly to ensure that hosts and players have a smooth experience. This means fewer glitches, less issues with weak internet, and an easier experience for older machines.

Further, we introduced a number of user experience best practices to improve platform stability. Now, when a player arrives at Luna Park they are greeted with a prompt to check their settings and ensure the right camera, microphone, and speaker is selected.

We introduced a placeholder with the player’s initials when they turn their camera off:

There is now a WIFI indicator when a player has poor connection so their teammates will know:

Finally, there is a speech indicator highlighting to other players when someone is muted:

📆 Select Upcoming Events

  • 2/4/21 - Corporate Event

  • 2/5/21 - Public Game

  • 2/8/21 - Super Bowl Game

  • 2/13/21 - Valentine’s Day Game

  • 2/15/21 - Disney Trivia

As you can see, hosts are running a wide array of events on the platform and pushing the limits on Luna Park!

😍 Kudos

  • Ryan / Pam for being incredibly entertaining

  • Daniel for bringing the team and going big

  • Jeff & Miranda for taking a chance

  • Brian for being committed to the journey with us

Thanks for reading! As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any thoughts, feedback, or concerns. Until then, we’ll be hard at work building Luna Park.

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