Use our simple quiz tool to create your game

Build your quiz quickly with multiple choice questions. Add images, set time limits, and input answers to enable automatic grading. 

Integrated grading and scoreboard

Keeping score is easy with our controller, which offers full, half, or no points. Grade answers in real-time and show team rankings on a dynamic scoreboard.

Bring players on stage

The host controls the action and can invite players up to the big screen for showdowns, karaoke, feud, rap battles, panels, and more. 

Host your own game show

Players can video chat with each other and compete in teams.

Self-Forming Teams

I loved it. It was great to see people, it was fantastic to be streaming truly live and answer questions as we went along and generally everything felt easier.

Dave's Trivia Night

The ability to bring players on stage is a f!@*ing game changer. I was burned out doing trivia alone and now I feel reenergized.

Pam Demic's Quarantine Quiz


I am truly impressed with what LunaPark offers so far, and the vision for where you are taking this platform; truly impressed.

April 2021 Survey

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Versatile Gameplay

Luna Park allows you to create a unique and highly engaging experience for any audience.

All in one solution for hosting trivia

Create live, interactive game shows that family, friends and colleagues can enjoy together.