Our Vision

We're creating an all-in-one tool where hosts can produce a branded, interactive game show - but our vision expands far beyond this.

Community is the root of happiness and it's created through quality time spent together. But the likelihood of living near your family, friends and coworkers has become increasingly slim as the world becomes more global. It's simply too hard to spend quality time with the people you care about.

Today's options for hanging out online are massively watered down versions of their real-life counterparts. Getting on Zoom and FaceTime is the equivalent of sitting in a conference room. Without the ability to have an invigorating, immersive, and serendipitous shared experience, you may as well be having a business meeting.

Our vision for the future is to develop a virtual city that you can explore with your friends. The city is made up of different venues or virtual event spaces that you can hop to and from, creating an epic time out on the town. Each venue is hosted by extraordinarily talented, real people, live streaming interactive performances that you won’t see anywhere else in the world.

By making it easier and more enjoyable to have shared experiences online, we hope to deepen the most important relationships we have, provide hope, and enhance our sense of affiliation and belonging.

What better place to start than one the most uniquely interactive, social games in the world: Trivia!

Founded by leaders of consumer brands that have brought tens of millions together around entertainment and community, Luna Park is on a mission to close the quality gap between online and offline experiences with the people you care about.

Who We Are

Our Investors

We’re technology enthusiasts who enjoy studying the intricacies of human interactions online, get a kick out of surprise and delighting through design, and geek out about the science behind rapid scaling. We absolutely love what we do, and are always seeking smart, creative, relentless people to join our team.

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