The all-in-one solution for trivia hosts

Create unique, live, interactive shows that family and friends can enjoy together.

Control your show from a single command center

Share your screen

Embed any link

Play videos and music

Edit your theme

Allow your audience to self-form into teams

The best part of trivia is playing with friends. No more Zoom breakout rooms! Your players can watch your show while video chatting with each other, directly on the platform.

Customize your virtual venue

Create a themed trivia night or showcase your brand.

Use the answer tools you're used to

From Google Forms, Crowdpurr, to can embed your answer tool directly into the platform, eliminating the need for you or your players to switch between screens.

Manage your events and save unlimited themes

Get your trivia game going with a click of a button and easily share links with your unique event ID.

Maximize audience interaction and react to the crowd in real-time

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